Fabulous Torture: Crete, Greece Travel Guide

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Crete, Greece Travel Guide

Crete, Greece was unreal! Ever since our trip last year to Karphatos in Greece, I've really wanted to go again. Of course I want to share with you where we stayed and what we did, and I have received a few emails to do so. I will also have a travel diary video out soon on my Youtube channel.

Where we stayed
We stayed at Nicolas Villas for some time and at Blue Bay Resort (very satisfied) after. Both of these places are within 15min from each other and located at Agia Pelagia, Greece.
We went ALL INCLUSIVE, so all the food and drinks were included.  The resorts have amazing restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We love All Inclusive, especially when you have kids! My son constantly wanted something...drinks, ice cream, snacks…, so this was a really amazing necessity for us!
Anayan became very comfortable ordering his and ours stuff, and he pretty much sat at the bar the entire time, lol.

How we got around
Crete is a lot bigger then Karphatos (last year's vacation) much bigger island and pretty spread out.
We walked pretty much everywhere. Beach was about a 15min walk from Nicolas Villas and about 2min from Blue Bay resort. There were another two small beaches on the island and our hotels provided an easy (small bus) transportation, but we walked most of the time. It was about a 30min walk to those beaches. Anayan didn’t really want to walk, but he never had a choice. Even though he is 6years old, I should have brought a stroller. If you plan to do a lot of walking with children make sure you bring a stroller or some sort of wagon.
Once you get to the beaches there are many cliffs, and you have to swim to the cliffs from the beach. If you are crazy, like me, you don't want to pass up an opportunity of cliff dive, it's exhilarating! Make sure you get there early, people start getting their spots at the beach super early and it gets crowded.
Car rental or atv's are the best ways to get around. Car rentals are very reasonable there.
If you don’t want to get a car, then be careful where you end up staying because things are spread out. There are taxis and buses across the island, but if you plan on sight seeing, they will start to add up. The freedom that comes with a rental car or atv is so nice. Our hotel was 45 minutes away from the airport and from all the big shops and restaurants. The water park and aquarium is close to the airport, so if you’re planing to visit, a car would be a smart choice.

Our vacation was filed with relaxation and not doing a thing. We booked our trip through fischer.cz (last minute). If you follow my travel blog posts then you know that we like to book our trips the day before (only trips from Europe), pack our stuff and go. This is how you can get the best deal on any trip and save about 50%-70% of price.

 The beaches:)

Me...jumping the cliff.

  My mom with Anayan:)

Indulging at the pool bar.

 The view from Blue Bay.

Thank you all so much for stopping by! XO

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