Fabulous Torture: Cancun, Mexico | TRAVEL DIARY - Moon Palace All Inclusive Resort

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cancun, Mexico | TRAVEL DIARY - Moon Palace All Inclusive Resort

I’ve gotten so many e-mails from you all asking for a review over the resort we visited a couple of weeks ago, MOON PALACE resort. I don’t think I’ve ever received more messages about a resort/hotel ever! Seems that many of you are planning on honeymooning here form what I understand and it is the perfect place for a honeymoon! This resort is all inclusive and it’s a bit more expensive than some of the others so I can totally understand why you’d want a full out review! Below is our short family vacation video for better look at this resort. I included the accommodation at the end of this video.

We flew into the Cancun airport. We scheduled our vehicle four days before our arrival.. this was nice because we didn’t have many fears of anything sketchy happening. They schedule a Suburban to pick you up and drop you off… I loved it because we didn’t have to wait for a taxi! 
Cancun’s airport didn’t have free WIFI and I didn’t want to pay for an international phone plan.

Also, you can choose different rooms and I think the room we ended up with was nice! We stayed at Superior Deluxe-Garden View. This includes two different beds and a table w/chairs, hot tub, shower and balcony with a garden view. The ocean view room has an hammock on their balcony. Our room was right on the bottom next to the golf cours and bicycle rental. We loved it!


I’m pretty introverted so one thing I LOVED about this place was that you can get room service pretty much all day. So I didn’t have to go out and get breakfast or lunch. Anayan get up early 6:30am, so we just ordered room service that way we didn't have to get up early. We ate late breakfast, lunch and dinner at the restaurants. We liked the italian food place best, but it's always booked, so you have to make reservation early. We ate there the last night and booked it four days in advance...like I said it was hard to make reservation.

One of my son's favorite was the ice cream stand… you can get strawberry, chocolate or vanilla OR mixed ice cream. Also, the pool area has a pizza place, so you could make your own pizza all day long.

There are bars EVERYWHERE which was something I was happy for because I drink a LOT of WATER and everything is free so I was constantly getting WATER or COFFE. I don’t like alcohol so it is nice that you can get alcohol free beverages. I only got a couple.

You'll receive $1500 complimentary room credit for staying at the resort.  The credit goes toward anything you want, you just have to pay 16% tax on any activity you'll decide to do. There are SO many activities. You can ride jet skis (we did), go parasailing, swim with the dolphins (we did), speed boat (we did), snorkeling (we did), spa, attend different parties at night, etc. They have a newsletter with a list of events going on each day. There is plenty to do in case you are the type that needs action! 

This place was so quiet and peaceful at the beach and busy at the pool. Would I go back?! Yes! I think it was for sure worth the money! I think one reason I liked it was because it was kids friendly! The pools have swim-up bars and food can be found under the palazzos outside. Water slide and kid water park was also there.

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